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(Refurbished) Airpods Pro 1st Generation

(Refurbished) Airpods Pro 1st Generation

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 AirPods Pro 1st Generation Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Charging Case

Step 1: Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth.

Step 2: Open the AirPods charging case cover(Don't take out the headphones if the pairing is unsuccessful).

Step 3: The connection interface will show on the phone.

Step 4: Click on the ICloud to connect with phone ( hold on the button on the back of charging case) ,show are connecting, (stop hold on the button on the back of charging case),then wait for the phone screen to show that the connection is successful, then take out the headphones and use it.

Package Includes:

2×Bluetooth Earbuds (left.right)

1×Wireless Charging Case

1×Lightning Cable

2xear tips

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